Coagulation Analyzer, D-CG42 (Two-channels)

৳ 180,000

Technical Specification:

Testing channel: 2 channels
Analysis mode: 2 different parameters analysis in the same time
Sample incubation positions:16
Reagent incubation positions:4
Software timer:2
Test wavelength:470nm
Sample volume:20uL-40ul
Reagent volume:20uL-40ul
Temp control precision:37±0.3?
Memory:10,000 test results
Notation of Result:S, %, PTR, INR, g/L
Display:LCD (240*128)
Output:Built-in thermal printer
Power supply:AC220V±15%, 50-60Hz
Working Condition:Temperature 15?-30?, Humidity ≤90%
Dimension:395*320*135mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight:6Kg
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Coagulation Analyzer, D-CG42 (Two-channels)


  • A friendly operating system, large LCD display
  • Advanced optical lighting principle and percentage analysis ensure accurate results
  • Special cup location testing system, the addition of sample bracket
  • Optional PT Fibrinogen test method, deletion of reagent dosage
  • Open reagent system, low reagent consumption up to 20ul
  • Top quality thermostat, 37±0.3°C accuracy
  • Dispensing accuracy: CV < 3%
  • Memory for 10,000 test results
  • Thermal-sensitive internal printer
  • Electronically linked pipette.
  • Conduct all routine tests such as PT, APTT, TT, Fibrinogen and coagulation factors • Data management PC connection (RS-232 interface)

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