Dental portable X-ray System, Rextar-X

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Dental portable X-ray System, Rextar-X

Name: Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Model: Rextar-X
Brand Name: Posdion
Place of Origin: South Korea

Technical Specification

Input power
 X-ray Unit19 VDC 3.16A
Battery Charger100-240 VAC, 50~60Hz 1.7A
Output power 140W
Power Supply 11.1 VDC (Battery)
Battery11. 1 V
Tube kV/Ma70kV/2mA(Fixed)
Max. Deviation
Kv ±4%
MAs ±10%
X-ray Tube
Model NameD-041
Inherent Filtration Min. 1.0mmAl
Focal Spot size0.4 X 0.4 mm
Total filtration1.5mm

High-Quality X-ray System

  • Used high-frequency X-ray (70kV-2mA Fixed) and Toshiba D-041 tube.
  • Provide highest-quality, sharpest X-ray images.
  • 43 X-ray exposure time range steps (0.01~1.30s).

Designed with Safety in mind

  • Internal double shielding ensures safety for all X-ray emissions.
  • Ergonomic design protects the body, hand and other nearby areas of the operator from exposure to radiation.
  • Approved by CE, KFDA and FDA international quality organizations.

Designed for one-hand operation

  • Compact size and lightweight provide a great feeling of grip for convenient use.
  • On one side are the power button, the exposure button, and the hand strap.
  • Using smart exposure buttons, rapid diagnosis is possible.


Digital Sensor, Remote Controller, Positioning Stand, Long cone, Short cone, Hand strap, Neck belt, Operation & Service manual, Quick user guide, Carrying bag, Adapter, Charging plug.

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Dental portable X-ray System, Rextar-X

Rextar-X among the Rextar series is the recent, upgraded and completely new design. We placed a great deal of accounts and effort into creating Rextar-X. Users can only use one hand to run Rextar-X. By adopting intelligent buttons, the operating software is more potent. Among existing mobile X-ray units, our highest technical requirements are best in the globe.



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