Dental X-ray Machine

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Dental X-ray Machine


Dental X-ray Unit
Auto Flim supported
Extra room no needed
A dark room is not needed
Extra operator (radiologist) is not needed
R.V.G Supported

Warranty of years: 2(Two)

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Dental X-ray Machine

Dental X-rays (radiographs) are pictures of your teeth used by your dentist to assess your oral health. These X-rays are used to capture images of the inside of your teeth and gums with low radiation levels. This can help your dentist identify issues such as cavities, tooth decay, and teeth that have been affected.

The teeth and bones absorb more of the ray than the gums and soft tissues when the X-rays pass through the mouth so that the teeth appear lighter on the final X-ray image (called a radiograph).

First, your cavity may be so small that your dental x-rays did not show up. Furthermore, if you have very close teeth, it is more likely to decline between them. Another reason that your x-ray might not have decayed is that it might have started after your last set of x-rays.

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