DiaDent Dia Proseal

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DiaDent Dia Proseal

Epoxy Resin-Based Canal Sealer

Dia-ProSeal Root Canal Sealer is a two-component epoxy resin-based system.


  • Excellent sealing capability with low shrinkage
  • High adhesion to gutta-percha and dentin
  • Excellent flow characteristics allow the material to reach and seal lateral channels
  • Dia-ProSeal has excellent antimicrobial activity with calcium hydroxide
  • Fast and easy preparation without wasting material: 1:1 ratio
  • Low solubility: resistant to long-term material breakdown with a long-term dime.


  • Press the syringe and squeeze out the same volume units of base (yellow) and catalyst (white) material in a ratio of 1:1 on the mixing pad.
  • Mix well with the spatula for 10-20 seconds until fully mixed and turned into an ivory color
  • Coat the gutta-percha point with the mixed material
  • Insert the gutta-percha into the channel.
  • Take an X-ray for seal inspection.


  • Regular Kit: (#1003-201)
    1 syringe of 16 g (6.5 g Base 9.5 g Catalyst), 1 Mixing Pad and 1 Spatula
  • Intro Kit: (#1003-202)
    1 syringe of 4 g, 1 Mixing Pad, and 1 Spatula
  • Spatula: (#2001-6113)
  • Mixing Pad: (#2001-6114)
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