Immunofluorescence Analyzer, LIFOTRONIC FA-160


Product NameImmunofluorescence Analyzer
ThroughputAssay 15-20 Samples
SampleTypeWhole Blood, Serum, Plasma
 Storage10,000 Test Results
ConnectionUSB, RS-232, LIS Compatible
Operation Condition Temperature 10~30 °C Humidity≤80%
Lithium Battery5200 mAh
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Immunofluorescence Analyzer, LIFOTRONIC FA-160


Fluorescence Quantification

  •  Lifotronic FA-160 is an immunofluorescence-based diagnostic system to measure cardiac diseases, infectious diseases and other major life-style related diseases through testing concentration of various analytes in blood samples.

Easy Operation

  •  No sample pre-treatment required. Only one step to add sample, 6 incubation channels with auto timing reminder, get results in 16 minutes.

Precise & Reliable

  •  Precision: CV≤15%, Repeatability: CV≤15%, Stability: CV≤5%

Smart Input

  • Automatically load lot and test strip information through the RFID card and the scanner.

Data Capacity

  •  Stores a maximum of 10000 test results.

Incubation channels

  • Incubating 6 samples simultaneously
  • Auto numbering to avoid mistakes
  • Constant temperature incubating with auto timing reminder

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