Interferential Therapy +TENS + MS + US LCS 154

৳ 75,000


Dimension (L*H*D)390mm, 149mm, 354mm
Weight6.7 Kg. Approx.
Operating Voltage140-270V 50Hz
Absorption50-Watts Max
Fuses1 Amp
Room Temperature10° to 40° C
Moisture10% to 80%
Preset Program100 Programs
Customize Program99 Create Programs
Probe TestCable & Electrode Test
Max. Output Current100mA Digital Display for CH-1 & CH-2
Max Output Voltage100V (Peak to Peak)
Medium Frequency2 KHz& 4 KHz
Base AMF0-250 Hz
Spectrum0-250 Hz
Therapy Mode4P, 4PV, 2P
Wave shapeTRA, TRI, REC.
Vector Mode2PL, 4PL, 4PT, 4PNL
Treatment Time01 to 99 Minutes adjustable
Patient SafetyAvailable
Medium Frequency2.5 KHz
Base AMF0-200 Hz
Spectrum0-200 Hz
Current ModeCP, LP, DF, MF
Low Frequency50Hz & 100Hz
Tens ModeContinuous / Burst
Tens frequency1 to 250Hz stapes of 1Hz
Tens Burst1 to 100Hz adjustable
Digital Timer1 to 99 Minutes adjustable
Max. Output Current100mA
Ultrasound Frequency1 MHz
Max. Output in Con. Mode2 Watts/cm2
Max. Output in Pulse Mode3 Watts/cm2
Pulse Frequency1 to 100Hz Adjustable
Duty Cycle10 to 90% Steps of 10%
Patient SafetyAvailable
GALVANICPlane & Interrupted
FARADICPlane Faradic & Surge Faradic
Pulse Rate/ frequency0.5,1,3 Hz
Pulse TypeRectangular, Triangular
Pulse Duration (Gal)0.01, 0.03, 0.1,0.3, 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300 m.Sec.
Pulse Duration (Far)50 Hz (0.7 m Sec.)
On-time (faradic)1 to 09 Sec
Off time (faradic)1 to 09 Sec
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