Interferential Therapy (LCD) LCS 151

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Interferential Therapy (LCD) LCS 151


Dimension (L*H*D)358mm, 149mm, 354mm
Weight5 Kg. Approx.
Operating Voltage110-270V 50Hz
Absorption46-Watts Max
Fuses1 Amp
Room Temperature10° to 40° C
Moisture10% to 80%
Preset Program55 Programs
Customize Program99 Create Programs
Probe TestCable & Electrode Test
Max. Output Current100mA Digital Display for CH-1 & CH-2
Max Output Voltage100V (Peak to Peak)
Medium Frequency2 KHz& 4 KHz
Base AMF0-250 Hz
Spectrum0-250 Hz
Therapy Mode4P, 4PV, 2P
Wave shapeTRA, TRI, REC.
Vector Mode2PL, 4PL, 4PT, 4PNL
Treatment Time01 to 99 Minutes adjustable
Patient SafetyAvailable
Medium Frequency2.5 KHz
Base AMF0-200 Hz
Spectrum0-200 Hz
Current ModeCP, LP, DF, MF
Low Frequency50Hz & 100Hz
TENS ModeContinuous / Burst
TENS Frequency1 to 250Hz Steps of 1 Hz
TENS Burst1 to 100Hz Adjustable
Treatment Time01 to 99 Minutes Adjustable
Max. Output Current100mA
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