Kemei KM-1407 Electric Nose Hair Clipper 3 In 1 Trimmer

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  • Working Time: 40-60 minutes
  • Warranty Type: Machine Warranty
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Product Summary & Specification


1. Hair clipper: carbon steel cutter head, 30° acute angle curved surface technology, fits the skin, does not rust, does not jam, does not hurt the skin, trims quickly and conveniently.
2. Clean up the problem: press the tip of the thumb and push it forward. After disassembling the blade, use the water to rinse it to avoid contamination and refuse to kill the mites.
4. Professional limit comb: 4 length limit combs, trimming to the millimeter, free to control the limit length, easy to operate, novice can also develop a professional hairstyle.
5. Nose hair: The steel cutter head is clean and tidy. The built-in cutter head is safely repaired and does not hurt the skin 360° to capture accurate trimming.
6. Razor: Single floating razor net, with internal sharp blade, fits the contour of the face, shaving without dead ends.


Title:Kemei KM-1407 Electric Nose Hair Clipper 3 In 1 Trimmer
Working Time40-60 minutes
Warranty TypeMachine Warranty
Rated Voltage220~240V
Charging Time8Hrs




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