Lancet device for glucose test meter

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Lancet device for glucose test meter

Smart Care lancets are intended to reduce the amount of pain you experience while you are pricking yourself

  • Remarkable lancets original from saify healthkart lancet pen
  • Sophisticated design: Our lancets have an advanced glide control system for convenient use
  • They come with easily removable twist cap for safety, these lancets are small in size and can perfectly fit in your hand for easy grip and use
  • Less painful, the lancets are easy to use
  • Super-fine round points ensure less painful prick

Inside The Box: Lancet device for glucose test meter

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Lancet device for glucose test meter


You are fed up with revolutionary lancets of the pain you feel whenever you prick yourself for a glucose test. You can’t discover the right lancet for your lancing pen. The ultimate solution to your issue is the Smart Care lancet. With any launching tool, these universal multipurpose lancets can be used. These sterile lancets can be stored for a maaximum period of time with comparatively longer self-living, allowing you to purchase in bulk. Best design now says goodbye to the pain you’ve encountered every time you’ve been testing. Smart Care lancets are designed to decrease the quantity of pain you are experiencing while pricking yourself. Round makes penetration almost painless.

The tip is so thin you’re not going to feel it going through your skin. Only a small prick is sufficient to draw a decent quantity of blood. The lancets are clinically approved and safe and convenient. They have the most convenient design with a twist cap and a glide control system. Whether you need your clinic time or want the lancets for personal testing, they’re just perfect for every purpose. Our lancets are exactly efficient and involve very fewer blood samples compared to other conventional lancets.


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