Medela Starter SNS Supplemental Nursing System Brest Feeding 80ml

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Medela Starter SNS Supplemental Nursing System Brest Feeding 80ml

The system supports the unique bond between mum and baby, inspiring both of them to continue moving towards a more satisfying experience of breastfeeding. This can be achieved by allowing the baby to get any extra milk they need through the SNS during breastfeeding.”The SNS helps me to breastfeed again. Which gave me a real psychological boost. I see the drug as a great opportunity for many women. “Christiane K. The SNS aims to encourage moms to breastfeed when they would otherwise be unable to do so and to help the baby develop their sucking behavior.

  • Helps to stimulate the mum’s milk supply through direct sucking at the breast
  • Trains the baby to suck properly by creating a vacuum at the breast
  • Supports parental involvement
  • Supports unique contact between mum and baby
  • Allows adopted babies to be fed at the breast.
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Medela Starter SNS Supplemental Nursing System Brest Feeding 80ml

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The Supplemental Nursing System is a bag that provides milk and nutrients by tubing attached to the breast of the mother so that he/she absorbs the milk and supplements when the baby sucks. This is originally developed to help adoptive mothers promote lactation, and the Supplemental Nursing SystemTM aims to cause hormonal changes in mothers to help improve the production of milk. Now, it’s a great way to give babies extra nutrients while they’re breastfed, for moms who fear they don’t get enough baby lactating.


  • An adjustable flow rate system Enables mothers to monitor the infant’s flow of water.
  • Color-coded tubes for varying feed speeds-Helps mothers handle different tube sizes.
  • Sterile packaging.
  • BPA-free necklace for optimum comfort.
  • Adaptive Aids mothers with lactation induction or breast supplementation.



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