Medical Reflex Hammer

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The Hammer is a Taylor-style hammer with a patented weighted design. It accurately and effectively elicits muscle stretch reflexes, superficial or cutaneous reflexes, as well as plantar and abdominal reflexes, with less effort and greater patient comfort.

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Product Description:

  • Prestige Medical7.5′′ Economy Taylor Percussion Hammer
  • Our economical version of the Taylor Percussion Hammer is designed to produce both patellar reflexes and myotatic reflexes.
  • The tapered tip of the handle allows for plantar reflexes. Features a 7.5′′ chrome-plated handle with a PVC bumper. Only available in orange burnt color.


Weighted triangular mallet provides accurate contact resistance for more efficient muscle stretch reflex testing and is perfectly suited for myotatic reactions, chest vibrations, and abdominal percussion. The modern, sandblasted, soft base and rounded apex structure of silicone ensure both precision percussion and patient comfort.


Extra-long chrome-plated zinc alloy handle is precisely balanced for enhanced percussion force control. Ergonomically scalloped handle base provides greater hand control during percussion and is designed to produce superficial or cutaneous reflexes, including plantar and abdominal reflexes, with a pointed tip.

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