Mesh Nebulizer for Adult & Baby

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Mesh Nebulizer for Adult & Baby


Product NameMesh Nebulizer
BrandMesh Nebulizer
 Waste medicine< = 0.5ML
Flow rate>=0.2ml / min.
 Distribution of particlesmedian diameter of particles is approximately 3.7 and approximately 60% < = 5%.
 Fitness 0,5 ml-8 ml medical cup
Weight of the net108 g
Noise:< = 50db(A) Noise
 Dimensions:67x48x107 mm.
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Mesh Nebulizer for Adult & Baby

Abandon the traditional compressor atomizer components, the drug solution breaks into fog particles, by ultrasound oscillation, completely solves the traditional noise atomizer.

The new generation network atomizer, atomized particles below five microns, may cover a vast majority of respiratory conditions, including high respiratory tract, trachea and bronchial, alveolar and directly affected areas.

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