Mindray DC-40 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Mindray DC-40 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Product Specification
ApplicationHospital, Diagnostic
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Imaging modes:B/M/Color/Color/3D/4D/M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging
Touch Screen10.4 inch
Monitor17 inch
Transducer port4 active
Speckle ReductionAvailable- iClear™
Harmonic ImagingAvailable- PSH™
Compound ImagingAvailable- iBeam
Auto Image OptimizationAvailable- iTouch™
Full-Screen ViewAvailable- iZoom™
Hard Disc1 TB
DVD WriterAvailable
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Mindray DC-40 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine


Full HD concept: a higher – than – expected solution ‘ Full HD ‘ is a progressive solution to meet the demands of you, who are dedicated to better primary health care.

Higher Imaging Definition

Enhanced clarity for diagnostics

Premium imaging technologies: enhancing image quality for diagnosis

By applying classic imaging technologies that migrate from established ultrasound systems, DC-40 with Full HD enhances image detail quality.

iClear (speckle-reduction imaging )
PSH (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging Technology)
iBeam: (spatial-compounding imaging Technique)

Broad Range of Transducer Options

With the combination of versatile transducers, DC-40 with Full HD delivers the best-balanced performance across a wide range of applications and delivers advanced image quality across a wide range of patient types.

Combined Wave Probes

Compared to traditional transducers, a new type of composite piezoelectric material is used by ComboWave transducers to dramatically optimize the acoustic spectrum and reduce acoustic impedance.

Dual Volume

Combining convex volume, endocavitary volume and related application packages, DC-40 with Full HD introduces the ‘ Dual – Volume ‘ solution that provides dedicated 4D care for women from prenatal examinations to pregnancy checks.

Urology Package

The specially designed biplane transducers, including linear/convex and dual micro – convex, support your mental extension with a versatile urological solution.


The Full HD iTouch DC-40 provides a range of tools to maximize diagnostic accuracy with convenience. DC-40 with Full HD, covering General Imaging, OB / GYN and Cardiology, provides you with a complete solution for mainstream clinical applications with simplified efficiency workflow.


With simple one-touch operation, Smart Track provides a quick and intelligent optimization for vascular imaging. By self – tracking, it can optimize the spectrum of color, power, and PW and reduce time – consuming steps. This simplifies the workflow of the vascular examination with an optimal view.


A dedicated inbuilt educational tool that provides guidance to users on how and what ultrasound scanning should be done. iScanHelper includes anatomical illustrations, standard ultrasound images, skillful scanning of reference images and scanning tips.



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