MINDRAY DP-21 Portable Ultrasound with Convex Probe

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Mindray DP-21 Portable Ultrasound

Mindray DP-21

The new DP-21 version is the best choice for B/W ultrasonography because of its excellent image quality and compact, ergonomic design with Full Screen. The DP-21 Power version can provide you with a whole new level of support. With the built-in battery and transportable trolley, you have an unlimited ultrasound solution.


  • Ergonomic Mobile Design with Full Screen
  • 12.1-inch high definition LED with full screen design
  • 30 degree tilting angle adjustable monitor
  • 1universal transducer connector
  • User friendly control panel with backlit
  • Light and compact design for extreme portability

Advanced Imaging Technologies

  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging for enhanced contrast resolution
  •  iClear for Speckle Reduction Imaging, providing clear and sharp lesion contours.
  • iTouch for quick image optimization
  • iZoom for instant full-screen image zoom

Convenient Work­flow

  • iScanHelper offers ultrasound tutorial for your practice
  • iStorage for instant images and reports transfer to PC
  • User-defined keys for programmable personalized operations
  •  1.5h uninterrupted scanning with rechargeable battery
  • 500GB hard disk for large patient data storage
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