4D Color Doppler Machine_SG_Q40 with Convex Probe

৳ 1,250,000

4D Color Doppler Machine_SG_Q40

4D Color Doppler Machine
Model: Q40 main Unit
Manufacturer: SG Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin: South Korea

Powerful Function

Q40 Offers you a lot of convenient and fast operation and measurement tools which make you daily work efficient and comfortable. SG HealthCare Focuses on your requirement and always brings you more useful solution.

Leading 3D/4D technology

  • M cut
  • Magic cut
  • Free view
  • Auto NT
  • Smart touch panel 3D/4D operation

Professional Cardiac Package

  • MAM (Multi-Angle M Mode)
  • TD (Tissue Doppler)
  • TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging)
  • TVM (Tissue Velocity Mode)
  • CM (Color M Mode)
  • Complete Cardiac Measurement package

Innovative RF Ultrasound platform
19 inch Led Screen
10-inch touch screen
USB Ports

Warranty: Two Year Machine Warranty and 12-month free Servicing.

Eco- 250000

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