Olive Olv-10A Oxygen Concentrator 10L

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Olive Olv-10A Oxygen Concentrator 10L


Product NameOxygen Concentrator
Oxygen flow10L/min
Oxygen concentration


Power supply

 220V ? 22V 50Hz ? IHz/ll0v ? 15V60Hz ? 1Hz

Output pressure


Input Power550VA
Sound level

Less than 45 db

Net Weight20KG

344 X 306 X 565?mm?

Working System

 Continuous flow

Atomization quantity >0.15ml/min(0nly modes with atomization function
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Olive Olv-10A Oxygen Concentrator 10L

Product Description

Olive’s newest, most advanced altitude generator is the Mountain Air Generator. This induces a clear low oxygen air stream for altitude acclimatization, hypoxic interval training (IHT), hypoxic exercise (HX), sleeping tents, and rooms at high altitudes. By can your oxygen uptake and delivery, simulated altitude helps you achieve your optimum athletic capacity. To markedly increase your red blood cell density, the generator works naturally with the systems of your body. The MAG will improve your speed and stamina significantly in just a few weeks. The mountain air generator is the best altitude simulator you can purchase, regardless of what form of sport you try. When the human body is exposed to low oxygen air, it reacts to enhanced oxygen delivery by producing new red blood cells. When you need it, more red blood cells in your body mean more oxygen to your muscles, resulting in increased speed, strength , and power. Regardless of whether you work at sea level, you reap the rewards.

The concentrator is a portable device which produces a stream of clean , low oxygen air using only air and electricity. On a bike trainer or treadmill, attach the unit to a breathing mask to control your workouts. To sleep at high altitudes, attach it to our Snowcap sleep canopy. The machine can be calibrated to over 3000 meters from sea level. This method reflects the latest developments in the advancement of technology for training. This most flexible alpine fitness and exercise simulation device is particularly suitable for personal use at home and in professional sports centers and facilities. Its quality will also be respected by professional and performance athletes and sports teams. Conditioned air from the generator is blown through it through a workout breathing mask protecting the nose and nose of the athlete. It can be put in any training facility and converts any training in an alpine environment into training!



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