Optima Biological Microscope G-303

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Product NameMicroscope
Observation tubeTrinocular head inclined at 30?
Interpupillary distanceFrom 55-75mm
FocusingCoaxial focusing knob, the coarse focusing range is 30mm and fine focusing is graduated in an increment of 2μm
StageLarge mechanical stage with the size 140 x 140mm, X-Y travel is 50 x 75mm with the graduation of 0.1mm
ObjectiveAchromatic 4X, 10X, 40X (spring), 100X (spring) oil
(Plan achromatic objectives are available)
CondenserN.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder
Illumination6V20W halogen lamp with adjustable light intensity
Power supply110/220V switchable
Standard accessoriesDust cover, immersion oil, blue and green filters, backup lamp, plano-concave mirror
Optional accessoriesWF10X/18 eyepiece with 10/100mm scale, EW10X/20 or WF16X eyepiece, PL 2.5X objective, achromatic 20X or 60X objective, quintuple nosepiece, swing-out condenser, simple polarization attachment, simple Koehler illumination attachment, phase-contrast attachment
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Optima Biological Microscope G-303


An innovative model developed for educational, veterinary, and medical applications is the OPTIMA® biological microscope G-303. The user can take pictures with a digital camera or use a CCD camera to record the precious research data via G-303. For routine inspection or study of schools and factories, it is particularly suitable.

  • G-303 is fitted with wide field eyepieces.
  • The light source is constantly adjustable with a halogen lamp.
  • This optical device is ideal for long-term service and can provide simple pictures.
  • The main body is made of aluminum alloy, the structure is stable, and the safety lever can easily concentrate further and prevent targets and slides from colliding.



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