Portable Ultrasound Scanner, WED-160

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WED-160, Portable Ultrasound


  • Powerful measurement and calculation functions 
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) (available with abdominal sample) 
  • Multiple format image storage 
  • Multiple pseudo-colors 
  • Patient file management capable of direct reporting and external printer printing
  • Internal standard PC keyboard 
  • Digital encoder knobs for direct control.
Technical Specifications
Scanning mode convex, linear, micro-convex
Applicationabdominal, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology, small parts examination, etc.
Display modeE5 B, B B, B M, B M/M, M, B6
Image grayscale256 levels
TCG setting8 levels
Cine-loop≥500 frames
 Image storage≥1000 frames
Hard disk≥160Gb
Image conversionup/down, left/right, black/white
Image processGAMA, smoothen, THI, pseudo-color, histogram, zoom
Local zoom ≥5 times in real time and freeze
Measurementgeneral, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiac, urology, abdominal, vessel, etc.
PortsVideo, XGA, 2x USB2.0, DICOM 3.0, RS-232
Monitor12,1″ TFT LCD
Body marks ≥95

Standard configuration 

  • Main unit 
  • Power cord 
  • User manual 
  • Windows XP license 
  • Ultrasonic gel of 250ml
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Portable Ultrasound Scanner, WED-160


Convex / linear ultrasound scanning system with high resolution, using PC control running on the platform of Windows XP. Incorporates DICOM 3.0 port for DICOM format image transmission, 2x USB 2.0 port for external flash drives or printer connection, and VGA output for external monitor connection. Embodies 160Gb hard drive for storage of patient data, image and cine loops. Supplies



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