SIUI CTS-5000 Ultrasound Real Time Digital Color Doppler

৳ 550,000

SIUI CTS-5000 Ultrasound

CTS-5000 is a digital B/W ultrasound trolley system which can be upgraded to color Doppler.


Multi-beam forming technology: This technology can multiply obtain and process image scanning lines from each component, which significantly improves the image frame rate in B mode Color mode and PW mode.

Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology: The technology helps decrease noise and artifacts purify tissue shading and enhance contrast resolution and recognize early tissue/structure lesions.

Compound Imaging: The technology helps relieve echo artifacts by scanning the target with multi-direction beamforming and improving spatial resolution.


Auto IMT measurement: The scheme automatically helps to assess the carotid artery wall’s intima-media thickness to assess cardiovascular disease such as diabetes with hypertension.

4D Lite: Volumetric imaging technology includes 4D fetus obstetric imagery and gynecological transvaginal volumetric imagery showing more precise and specific pictures for distinct clinical requirements.

Panoscope: The system enables physicians to scan large-scale tissues with transducer scanning motion in wider perspective.

Additional Specifications:

  • Applications: abdominal, pulmonary, OB / GYN, tiny components, vascular
  • configuration: normal system, grayscale(256)
  • Transducers: linear and convex sample
  • Frequency: 2.5MHz~11.0MHz, wideband,
  • Tri-frequency Imaging options Realzoom, max. Zoom* 4.0, selectable
  • Power consumption multiplying energy and location: 0.45 KVA


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsColorectal
Height51.18 in
Image Display15 in
Imaging Capabilities3D/4D
Imaging ModeB, 2B, 4B, M, B/M
Length20.47 in
Weight198.42 lbs Main Unit
Width30.32 in

Note: One Convex probe with the machine, 1200 VA ups, Epson L 130 printer

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