Tynor Cervical Pillow Regular B-08 UN

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Cervical Pillow Regular, Tynor

Code: B-08

Cervical Pillow is designed to keep the neck at night in a slight hyperextension position to counter the stress and strain of the day when we tend to hold the neck in the opposite “flexion” position. While you sleep, it cures the cervical problems.

  • Forms of anatomy.
  • Design of science.
  • Feeling soft & cushiony
  • Looks like a plush.
  • High-density, durable PU foam


  • Anatomically shaped, optimally densely molded from PU foam, provides an effective neck support. It has a long life of function and good resilience.
  • It has a scientific design, has a slight hyperextension of the neck and provides relaxation of the muscle.
  • Covered with soft fabric, it offers a pleasant touch, feel and look. It can be removed and washed.
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