Vein Finder Navi60 by MEDCAPTAIN

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Vein Finder Navi60 by MEDCAPTAIN

Resolution720 X 576 Pixels
Image Light13-25 Lumens
4 Adjustable Brightness Level
Penetrate Depth (MM)0 – 6MM Detection
No Up Limit
Best Imaging Distance210MM ± 30MM
Colour5 Colors – Red, Green, Pink, Blue & White
Colour of the vein can be inversed
Display Size3 Adjustable Levels
Battery Power Supply Time (Min)No less than 2.5 Hours
Battery Charge Time (H)No longer than 4 Hours
Handheld AbilityYes
Operation ScreenShow remaining battery level, current color & current display size
Vein Depth DetectionYes
Charge during operationYes
LanguageEnglish & Chinese
Size224 (W) x 68 (H) x 64 (D)mm
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Vein Finder Navi60 by MEDCAPTAIN

Medcaptain’s Vein Finder Navi60–Providing a precise, real-time picture of the surface of the skin, allowing medical professionals to check the status of veins and reduce the risk of venipuncture.

Healthcare professionals will benefit from reducing costs, improving infection control and increasing patient safety & satisfaction with the aid of Navi-60.

  • The real-time picture is shown on the skin
  • Portable & battery-powered
  • Lightweight – ideal for use without a smartphone or fixed mounting
  • Detect veins on the palm, face & feet.



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