500mA Radiographic X-Ray Unit F99-IBT

500mA Radiographic X-Ray Unit F99-IBT


RadiographyTube voltage44-125kV
Tube current32~500mA
Exposure time0.02-5s adjustable by steps
SC4-1 adjustable by steps Tabletop dimension0.02-5s
 mm Tabletop longitudinal movement2000x730x690
 Tabletop transverse movement1200mm
Lock modeElectromagnetic
lock Tube stand longitudinal movement 580mm
Tube stand vertical movement1100mm
Rotation around lateral arm0
X-ray Tybe assemblyModelXD52-30,50/125
Focus1×1/2x2mm Power
PowerVoltage380V 10% Frequency
Frequency50HZ 1Hz
Inner resistance0.322
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500mA Radiographic X-Ray Unit F99-IBT

Product Description

Automatic and manual control programs:

Programmable radiographic features, including 90 radiographic memory programs. The parameters can be manually chosen, too.

X-ray tube protection:

X-ray tube heat and load capacity are controlled and protected by computer programs so that tube efficiency and radiographic parameters can be used to the limit.

Selection of anatomical exposure:

Parameters of exposure may be set based on the size of the patient and location of exposure. It is also possible to correct and store the parameters.

Safety function:

The self-diagnostic error method can quickly and accurately assess the problems. It can automatically execute security and view error code.

  • Range of techniques
  • Anatomical exposure range
  • Bucky radiography and IBS
  • Error code show
  • Power on/off contents

Tabletop longitudinal movement Tube lock mode Longitudinal movement Tube stand vertical movement Rotation around the sidearm Bucky Tabletop longitudinal movement Lock movement


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