X-Ray Machine 200MA TR200B

X-Ray Machine 200MA TR200B

Product: X-Ray Machine
Model: 200mA
Brand: TRIUP


  • Four-sided table-face radiography
  • Radiographic clip cassette size:17″x17 “
  • Small focus: 1x1mm2, large concentrate: 2x2mm2
  • Infinitely varying management of the energy supply voltage V and kilovolt.
  • The machine is equipped with subsections and grades mA, kilovolt and S interlocking protective devices.
  • The machine is equipped with X-ray filament most protection device, area charging compensation and anode start.
  • Power supply voltage, kilovolt photography and mA display separately and are easy to determine.
  • No prime and bottom track machine are mounted and easy to operate.
  • Transversal upright post movement, long arm movement and-ray tube rotation are all fitted with braking electromagnetism.

One of the contemporary diagnostic machinery, TR-200B Medical Diagnostic X-ray Machine.

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