General 500ma Radiographic System HF-525 PLUS

General 500ma Radiographic System HF-525 PLUS

Focal spots: 0.6mm small (27kW)
1.2mm large (75kW)
Anode heating unit: 300kHU
Max. kV: 150kV
Housing heat unit: 1250kHU
Tube standType: Floor mounted with counterbalanced.
Electromagnetic locks
Travel ranges :
Longitudinal : 180cm
Vertical : 149cm (40 to 189cm from the floor level)
Transverse : 24cm
Tube arm angle :
Horizontal axis : -90° ~ 90°
Vertical axis : -90° ~ 90°
LCD screen to display tube angle status.
CollimatorType: manual
Filtration : 0.1/0.2mm cooper & Aluminum – auto choice
available by APR
Exposure area to be identified through halogen light
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General 500ma Radiographic System HF-525 PLUS

Product Description:

The HF-525 PLUS is a general radiographic system designed for versatility and comfortable use in all general radiographic procedures, and can also be programmed to match your particular clinical needs, including chest, spine, full skeletal, abdominal.

HF-525 Plus includes 

  • High-frequency 50kW generator (optional 65 and 80kW generator available)
  • Floor mounted tube stand
  • The tubular suspension (optional)
  • 4-way floating table
  • 6-way floating table (optional)
  • AEC / DAP (optional) accessible.

Dose Efficiency :

The efficiency of X-ray quantum detection is a function of the number of X-rays that reach the absorbed detector. Higher-quantity output systems can produce images of higher quality, at a lower dose.

Robust Design & Technology :

HF-525 Plus offers high-level conveniences for operators who handle different examinations of the tube and table positions. With Smart Positioning Mechanism

Operation Console

  • Type: microprocessor control & Digital display
  • Indicator meter: kV, mA, mAs, msec, DAP value
  • mA setting: 10 ~ 800mA (1,000mA available with a generator of 80kW)
  • kV setting: 40 ~ 150kV
  • Time setting: 1 msec ~ 6.3 sec
  • mAs value: 0.1 ~ 500 mAs
  • Anatomical mode (APR)
  • AEC function (optional) – with 3 field ionization chambers
  • Generator 50/65/80kW
  • Dimensions: 0.1 ~ 500 mAs.

High-Frequency Generators

 50kW/65kW Generator

  • Type High-Frequency Inverter Generator
  • Line Power 380V, 50/60Hz, Three-phase
  • Output frequency 40kHz
  • Rated output power Maximum 50/65kW (100kV / 500mA / 630mA at 0.1s)
  • Dual Rotor supply Low & high speed
  • Self-diagnostic function Automatic Overload, Error code display
  • High Voltage Transformer type Full-wave rectification type


  • One or Two ionization chamber
  • DAP Meter

80kW Generator (150kV / 1000mA / 500mAs)

  • Line Current 380V, 50/60Hz, 3-phase
  • Input frequency 300kHz
  • Calculated output power Total 80kW (100kV/800mA at 0.1s, 1000mA@80kV)
  • Low & high-speed dual rotor supply
  • High voltage transformer system Full-wave rectification type


  • One or Two ionization chamber
  • DAP Meter

Radiographic Table

  • Type: floor mounted
  • Electromagnetic locks operation: 4-way floating (standard) / 6-way elevation (optional).
  • Control: manual and motor control Synchronized table buckling location along with the tube movement (longitudinal movement)
  • Different sizes of cassettes or detectors can be used with the grid.
  • Longitudinal distance: 100 cm Transverse: 34 cm up / down (with elevation): 51~84 cm motorized
  • Table top size: 220x 85 cm up / down
  • Max. Charging: 250 kg
  • kV setting: 40~150kV
  • Table top filtration rate: 1.4mmAl@100kV

Wall Stand

  • Type: floor mounted
  • Operation: up / down & tilting
  • Control: manual and motor control
  • Distance & angle of travel: vertical: 40 ~ 160 cm
  • Various cassette sizes and grid detectors.



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