Automated Microplate ELISA Reader

Absorbance Microplate Reader / ELISA / Microbiology

Product Specification
AutomationFully Automatic
Power Supply200-240 V
Plate Type96 Well Plate
Readout Range0.000-4.000Abs
Measure System8 Channel Optical System
Band Width8 nm
Accuracy -2 nm
Light SourceMonochromatic LED
Resolution0.0001 Abs


Absorbance Microplate Reader / ELISA / Microbiology

Being a versatile microbiology reader, the Erba LisaScan EM is an automated microplate. By printing graphs and constructing elaborate reports, the device performs numerous ELISA tests. A wide range of applications in the instrument is attributed to the TNW software. Having 100 test programs, it is an open system. The 3-speed variable mixing facilitates the building of the system in a shaker. Besides having single, double, and multi-wavelength options, the device is compatible with numerous plate geometrics, including 8 or 12 well formats and 96 well Microplates. Optional Elisa-based programming is embedded in the system. Reading the MIKROLATEST kits is enabled by TNW, an identification software.



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