Erba Microplate Elisa & Microbiology Reader

Erba Microplate Elisa & Microbiology Reader

The LisaScan EM is a flexible ELISA & microbiology reader which can conduct numerous ELISA tests with detailed reports.


Product NameElisa Reader
System typeOpen System
Plate types96 well plates
Wells typeFlat, U and V wells
Operating modesAbsorbance, Quantitative, Qualitative, Semi-quantitative, Kinetic modes
Measurement modesContinuous / Step
Shaking modesThree linear speeds-Low, medium and fast
Wavelength SelectionMonochromatic, Bi-chromatic, multi-chromatic
Calculation modesNon-linear standard, Cut-off, Index Formula, Column subtraction, Linear regression, Point to Point, Cubic spline, Linear-Log
Number of programmable standards/calibratorsUp to 10 standards storage/display/printing of multi-standard curves and cut off equations for all parameters
Test Programs100 totally “open” test programs
PhotometerThe optical system, 8 measurement channels, Standard four filters 405nm,450nm,492nm,630nm (optional two filters 578nm, 700nm), Light source – 13.8V/50W Quartz
Halogen lampWavelength range – 400 to 800 nm
Measurement range – 400 to 800 nm (0 to 3.5 OD)
Measurement timeNORMAL – 16 seconds single wavelength
DisplayHigh resolution graphics LCD 320 * 240 pixels
KeyboardRugged waterproof & membrane panel
PC communicationSerial RS232 & USB 2.0
Built-in thermal printerHigh resolution, 384 dots per line, thermal type with full graphics facility, and options for connecting External parallel printer
Computer interfacing softwareWindows-based software ELi-LMS with data management (optional), PC link identification software, TNW enables reading MIKROLATEST Kits
Reports on internal and external printersAlphanumeric patient ID-based linear and matrix reports with OD, Conc, Cut off interpretation, etc, Calibration graphs printed. Reports generated for the last 480 sample”s is view/printed/stored, Lab name
Online helpAt each step online help in each menu. Beeps and online instructions on erroneous entry. Special HELP key on the keyboard.
Operating temperature20 to 40-degree celsius
Storage temperature10 to 50-degree celsius
HumidityMax 80% RH, non-condensing
Power supply18V DC using external auto-ranging, SMPS adapter, 115/230 VAC – 10% 50/60 Hz Max, 100 Watt.
Diamension502 * 369 * 216 mm
Weight7 Kg



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