Lifotronic- FA-160 Immunofluorescence Analyzer

৳ 65,000

Lifotronic- FA-160 Immunofluorescence Analyzer


Product NameImmunofluorescence Analyzer
Model NumberFA-160
Result Time (Rapid Kits)15 Minute
Power SupplyAC 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight2.7 kg
Size270 x 200 x 100 mm
MethodologyImmuno Fuorescence Assay
Throughput20 Samples
SampleTypeWhole Blood, Serum, Plasma
Storage10,000 Test Results
ConnectionUSB , RS -232, LIS Compatible
Minimum Temperature10 Degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature30 Degree Celsius
Battery5200 mAh


Lifotronic- FA-160 Immunofluorescence Analyzer

Unique Features

Easy to use: No sample pre-treatment required. Only one step to add sample, 6 in- cubation channels with auto timing reminder, get results in 15 minutes.

Data Storage Capacity: Stores a maximum of 10000 test results.

Pack Size: 25 tests/ per pack

Smart data input: Automatically load lot and test strip information through the RFID card and the scanner.

Communication: LIS compatible

Superior technology for ACCURATE RESULTS

FA-160 is an immno?uorescence-based diagnostic system with TRFIA (Time resolve ?uorescent Immunoassay) detector to measure cardiac diseases, infectious diseases and other major life-style related diseases through testing concentration of various analytes in blood samples. The instruments The instrument reads the ?uorescent bands on the respective test cards o?ers diagnosis for COVID-19 antibody detection too on the same platform.

TRFIA based rapid card tests are similar to ?uorometric assays but uses lanthanides labels o?ering many advantages.

Test Procedure:

  • Add blood sample to the test strip
  • Put the test strip into the incubation channel
  • After incubation, put the test strip into test channel
  • Sample tested and results printed



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