BioApex Microplate Reader, Apex Reader-4000C

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BioApex Microplate Reader, Apex Reader-4000C

Product: Microplate Reader
Model: Apex Reader-4000C
Manufacturer: BioApex Daigonstin Inc.


Plate Type96/48 -well plate
Display7″ TFT LCD Display
Wavelength Range400 to800 nm
Standard Wavelength405, 450, 492, 630 nm & 4 Optional
Wavelength Accuracy0.008A
Resolution0.001 Abs
Reading Speed3s< single wavelength, Double Wavelength 6s<
Reading Range0.000-4.000 Abs
Stability±0.03 A
Measurement System8 Channel Optical System
ShakingLinear (slow, medium and high mode)
PrinterBuilt-In Thermal Printer, Optional External Printer
Power Supply100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Weight (Net/Gross)11.5 kg

Warranty: 2 Years.


BioApex Microplate Reader, Apex Reader-4000C


  • New design and advanced operation system
  • Touch screen 7’’ high-resolution LCD display
  • 8 Channel optical fiber channel
  • Single and double wavelength measurement
  • Multiple report format in printing information
  • Auto lamp adjustment & auto-calibration
  • Stable memory store up to 2000000 test data & 500 project data
  • User-friendly, easy to program, can update software online

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