BAYER Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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OnCall Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System


  • Blood sample size: 0.5 microlitres
  • Time for result: 5 seconds
  • Memory: 250 results
  • Average: 14 days
  • Battery: One 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery

Meter Kit Includes:

  • 1x Glucose Meter
  • 1x Lancing Device
  • 10x Strips Free
  • 5x Lancets
  • Log Book
  • Manual
  • Carrying Bag
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BAYER Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter Kit


The Contour TS is a small, easy-to-use blood glucose monitor. Bayer has stated that the TS stands for True Simplicity and that it complies with ISO 15197:2013 for 2016.

  • The meter has a monochrome display, which is ideal for the minimal messages displayed on the screen.
  • Testing that is simple
  • The Contour TS features only two buttons, making it ideal for individuals who seek simple testing.
  • The Contour TS takes 5 seconds to do a blood glucose test. Simply put the test strip into the meter and apply a drop of blood to the strip to perform a test.
  • When you remove the strip from the Contour TS, it immediately turns off.
  • The meter has a 250-test memory and uses the Contour TS blood glucose test strip, and it uses No Coding technology.


Contour TS

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