Bililed Mini

৳ 165,000

Bililed Mini


Width28 cm
 Depth12,5 cm
Height 7,5 cm
Mobile Stand (min-max)105 cm-160 cm
Weight1,6 kg for main unit 15 kg for mobile stand
Noise Level < 50 dBA
Screen2,5 inches LCD
Lamp Type10 pcs Blue Super LED
Spectral Irradiance420-480 nm
Effective Irradiance Area25 cm X 15 cm
Intensity> 60µw/cm²/nm
Supply Voltage 100-240 VAC (± % 10) , 50 Hz/60Hz SMPS 9 VDC 6A
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Bililed Mini


Bililed Mini is the world’s smallest and most ergonomic tool for phototherapy. Bililed Mini can be used directly on incubators and mounted on radiant warmers without the need for a mobile stand with its ergonomic design.
Bililed Mini, with its super-led technology, meets American Pediatrics Academy’s requirements for intensive phototherapy.



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