Infant Phototherapy Unit GLQ-1L

Infant Phototherapy Unit GLQ-1L

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Infant Phototherapy Units

Brand Name:Heal Force
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Infant Care Equipments



Packaging DetailsStandard Export Wooden (No Timber) Packing with foam inside.
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Infant Phototherapy Unit GLQ-1L

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To risk jaundice, all newborn patients with hyperbilirubinemia need the best care. Our phototherapy services range provides you with intense LED light quality and comfort phototherapy for your baby client. The machine has a long life that offers light therapy for 20,000 to 0,000 hours.

  • LED fluorescent lamp as radiant phototherapy components
  • Lamp angle healing can be horizontally modified.
  • You can change the height of the lamp head.
  • It is possible to adjust the stainless steel support stand.
  • Timer wheels can be locked to monitor the process of phototherapy.
  • Incubator use, irradiant heat bassinets, and any form of a bassinet.

The GLQ-1L unit such as the GLQ-2 unit with blue florescent tube has an individual structure that can be used with incubators, irradiant heat bassinets, and any form of family care bassinet.


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