Novos Bilisphere 360 Intensive Phototherapy System

৳ 1,000,000

Bilisphere 360 Intensive Phototherapy System

Brand: Novos
Model: Bilisphere 360


Dimensions( W,D,H,W )26.4″, 29.5″, 60″ to 74″
Air Temp Display12C to 44C
Skin Temp Display12oC to 44oC
Noise Level < 50 db (A)
Screen 5.1“ Integrated LCD Display
Lamp Usage 2000 hours
Lamp Type16 pcs Blue Light Fluorescent Tubes
Intensity3 mW/cm²
Spectral Irradiance 420 nm to 500 nm
IV Pole Weight Limit6.6 lb (3kg)
Monitor Shelf Weight Limit 13.20 lb (6kg)
Supply Voltage220 V± , 50Hz
Power 600 W
Total weight178lbs/ (81kg)
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Bilisphere 360 Intensive Phototherapy System


  • Bilisphere360 has been designed for the fastest serum bilirubin breakdown and elimination of the exchange of blood. With Bilisphere 360, the duration of treatment can be minimized and the bilirubin measurement test must not be repeated.
  • Bilisphere 360 provides a healthy and suitable environment for newborns with high levels of bilirubin with the latest led technology and proprietary software.
  • Bilisphere 360 allows you to get the fastest total breakdown of serum bilirubin and eliminates blood exchange requirements. Clinical studies have shown that bilirubin levels decrease by 0.84 mg/dl/ hour, and this rapid decline is important in cases with a high risk of encephalopathy.



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