Infant phototherapy lamp / LED / bed type Bilicot NOVOS Tibbi Cihazlar

Bilicot LED


Weightwith mobile stand 22 kg
 Hammock Mattress58cm x 29cm
Skin TempDisplay 25 °C to 42 °C
 Noise Level< 55dBA
 Screen 3,1 inches LCD
Lamp Type10 pcs Blue Super LED
Effective Irradiance Area25 cm X 20 cm
SMPS 9VDC 3,33 A
Intensity > 60 µw/cm²/nm
Supply Voltage100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
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Bilicot LED


Uncomplicated neonatal jaundice treatment for healing, term newborns do not require incubator use. All you need is a piece of ideal phototherapy equipment that provides a safe and intense non-NICU phototherapy treatment.
Bilicot LED designed to treat uncomplicated jaundice for babies next to the mother. It contributes to newborn baby-mother interaction and improved growth. It also supports breast-feeding. Home use of Bilicot prevents mothers and newborns from infection in hospitals.



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