Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer (BG-800)

৳ 650,000

Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer (BG-800)

Product: Blood Gas Analyzer
Model: BG-800
Manufacturer: Meizhou Cornley Hi-Tech Co, Ltd


  • Multi-combination parameters
  • Self-made maintenance-free electrodes
  • Both for syringes and capillary
  • 35UL for capillary, 95UL for whole blood
  • 1 min from the resulting aspiration
  • Long-lasting liquid system
  • All-in-one calibration cartridge
  • Cartridge expiration alarm & residue
  • Preheats reagents & samples
  • Optional Auto QC cartridge with H / M / L level
  • Data storage > 5,000
  • High-resolution colorful touch screen
  • Friendly operating interface
  • Infrared human detector
  • The rich information management interface
  • Battery backup
  • Build-in heat printer
  • Practical bar code management system
  • Economic cost per experiment.
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Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer (BG-800)

A blood gas analyzer can provide a safer solution to ACCP4 proposed ‘ pH is chemical process optimization of pleural effusion, and pH must be performed using a blood gas analyzer determination.’ BG 800 wise blood gas analyzer has a pH measurement of pleural effusion specialized mode, can provide precise measurement outcomes, while at the same moment reducing the incorrect pH of the blood as pleura.



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