BMC New H-80M High Flow Oxygen Therapy

৳ 425,000

BMC New H-80A Auto High Flow Oxygen Therapy


Product NameHigh Flow Oxygen Therapy
Flow MonitoringAdjustable
Flow Rate2L-80L/min
Oxygen Concentration Adjustable Range21%-100%
Temperature Output Range29c-37c
Temperature Adjustment Gear9 steps
Screen Size3.5 inches
Trend Review Function1, 3, 7 days
Oxygen Concentration Adjustable Range21%-100%
Oxygen Concentration MonitorAdjustable
Temperature MonitoringAdjustable
sPEEP MonitoringMonitorable
Respiratory Rate MonitoringMonitorable
Automatic Filter Replacement FunctionYes, can be set
Automatic Water Refills TipsYes
Humidity Compensation 7 step adjustable
Sleep 4 step adjustable
Hot StandbyYes

Standard Accessories

  • 1 x H-80A High Flow Humidifier 2 x R-Filter
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Water Chamber Exchange Connector
  • 1 x Water Chamber (Disposable)
  • 1 x LH2 Heating Tubing (Disposable)
  • 1 x Nasal Cannula for High Flow (M) (Disposable)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Quick Operation Manual
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BMC New H-80M High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Product Description

BMC new H-80 Series high-flow oxygen therapy unit comes with a highly integrated design to meet more needs of clinical treatment. This high-performance humidifier provides a maximum of 80L / min air-oxygen mixed gas. Oxygen concentration can be set automatically. The H-80 provides an exclusive patent AutoFlow function and SmartFlow function. Disinfection-free design and a water chamber with a backflow prevention valve to prevent gas backflow are only some of the many features. With BMC H-80 overall maintenance is drastically more convenient compared to other such medical-grade units of the same high class.

H-80 Series High Flow Oxygen Therapy can be used for patients with spontaneous breathing, including artificial airway respiratory insufficiency, and can be used for patients in hospitals and long-term care institutions.

High flow oxygen therapy series of the new BMC H-80, highly integrated design to meet more clinical treatment requirements

  • Provides up to 80L / min air-oxygen gas combined with the automatical configuration of the oxygen concentrated concentration.

AutoFlow Patent app, SmartFlow app.

  • Model without disinfection, Water Chamber is fitted with a backflow preventing gas backflow and maintenance overall It’s more relaxed.

Can set the target oxygen, temperature and flow concentration

  • Automatic monitoring of target concentration of oxygen, system supply of oxygen 21% -100%, exact to 1%;
  • the supporter may be a wall oxygen source, oxygen cylinder, and oxygen generator;
  • No maintenance is needed for the built-in ultrasonic oxygen sensor.
  • 9-stage temperature humidification: 29-37, precisely 1.
  • The advanced dual-fan design can accommodate patients of most ages at two levels of Flow & LFlow, 2L / min ~ 80L / min.
  • Revolutionary moisture compensation feature at 7 stages, which ensures adjustable moisture compensation ± 3, easily dealing with the different harsh temperatures and moisture conditions.

Hot standby feature for easy use and oxygen saving

  • The hot standby feature of the H-80 Series enables you to begin your warm oxygen therapy at any time without switching off the machine shortly, saving oxygen without waiting for the warm-up cycle.

Strong Flow Innovative Design

  • Set output flow parameters automatically according to patient peak expiratory flow (PEF), simplify the setting steps, fulfill the effects of the treatment, and improve patient comfort.

More comprehensive indexes for tracking

  • Real-time oxygen concentration monitoring, flow, temperature monitoring, sPEEP monitoring.

Intelligent Flow

  • Follow every breath of the patient, adjust the flow of the patient between breaths, have a high inhalation flow, and lower exhalation flow; follow every breath like two-level ventilation systems and convenient oxygen services more economically. Quick download and fast installation Integration, a configuration without disinfection, time-saving and clinical use.

H-80 Series High Flow Oxygen Therapy can be used for patients with spontaneous breathing, including artificial airway respiratory insufficiency, and can be used for patients in hospitals and long-term care institutions.

  • In high flow mode, flow rate is 2 L / min ~ 80 L / min, which can set the concentration of inhaled oxygen automatically.



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