CWH-2020 Portable Emergency Ventilator

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CWH-2020 Portable Emergency Ventilator

Product Name Portable Ventilator
Operating Panel English (Standard)
DriveGas driven
Operating Electronically controlled
ApplicationApplied for child and adult. Used for respiratory depression, respiratory, paralysis, and failure of emergency rescue. Available in-vehicle or portable stretcher.
Display7 inch LCD
Gas sourcePure air or Oxygen
Ventilation modeCVV, SIMV, A/C, SIGH, MANUAL, CPAP
Tidal volume0~1500ml
Breathing rate 4-99/min, 4-65/min under SIMV
Pressure trigger sensitivity-2~0kPa , PEEP 0-20cmH2O
Monitoring ParametersTidal volume, Minute volume, Breathing rate, Airway
pressure Alarms No VT, MV too high (low), Airway pressure too high(low), AC power off, back-up battery too low, audio alarms or prompt hints
PowerBattery, AC Power AC 220V/50Hz
Battery≥ 2 hours
Basic configuration requirementMain body 1 Unit, Oxygen cylinder 3L*1 Unit, Silicon mask/ circuit for medical use *1piece, other accessories used to ensure the basic operating.
net weight6.5Kg
Reserve ConditionTemperature: -10~40degree, Relative humidity<90%
Working conditionTemperature: 5~40 degrees. Relative humidity< 80%
User manualEnglish (standard)


  • 6 hours backup Li-battery, able to be recharged together with the main unit.
  • 7″ screen for monitoring VT, MV, BPM/Freq, I: E, Tinsp, EPAP, IPAP, Oxygen contraction, Pressure trigger, PEEP, Airway pressure, etc.
  • Waveforms of Pressure-Time, Flow-Time; Oxygen concentration ( FiO2) from 40% to 100%.20-300ml tidal volume for pediatrics, 250-2000ml for adults; Optional for touch screen, PCV, PSV, mainstream CO2.
  • CPAP, SIMV-V, SIPPV or A/C, Sign, Manual, NIV, VCV, PEEP modes; With online facility to check data from ambulance or elsewhere by network system.
  • Main body 8.46 lbs, very easy to carry with handler; Main unit can be rotated clockwise of more flexible operations, for different patients’ body positions;

Warranty: 1 Year

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CWH-2020 Portable Emergency Ventilator


Portable ventilator CWH-2020 encourages reliable performance in the daily challenge of saving people’s lives, regardless of where the calls take you. The CWH-2020 aims to provide emergency transport for multi-functional use to patients who need emergency assistance. All parameters set in one step make every process simple.


Nanjing Chenwei

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