Electrosurgical Diathermy ZERONE, ZEUS- 400P

৳ 250,000

Electrosurgical Diathermy ZERONE, ZEUS- 400P



Model: ZEUS- 400P/300P/200P

Origin: South korea

The ZEUS-400 Powerful and stable technology demands safety flexibility and convenience without performance compromise

  • Main Frequency TOO, 500KHz
  • Power Source: AC120V or AC230V, 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Protection class. Class 1, Type CF
  • Demension(WxDxH mm) 330x455x1 TO
  • Weight: 13.0Kg
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Electrosurgical Diathermy ZERONE, ZEUS- 400P/300P/200P

Product Description:

  • One piece of equipment provides such functions that are required to perform an operation as Functional Cutting (Pure Cut. Blend1. Blend2, Blend3), Coagulation (Spray Coagulation, Contact Coagulation). Bipolar Coagulation (Hand Bipolar, Foot Bipolar). Bipolar Cut.
  • 10 storages are available by using the user storage function.
  • Operations of Cutting, Coagulation, and Bipolar Coagulation can be distinct from each other by sound and indication lamp.
  • Hand Bipolar(Auto Bipolar) can be used only by contacting Forceps. G Microprocessor can straighten. stabilize the output.
  • The input power frequency 50Hz / 60Hz is automatically detected
CUTPure cut400W / 300Ω300W / 300Ω200W / 300Ω
Blend 1250W / 300Ω230W / 300Ω150W / 300Ω
Blend 2200W / 300Ω180W / 300Ω120W / 300Ω
Blend 3150W / 300Ω120W / 300Ω100W / 300Ω
CoagulationContact120W / 300Ω100W / 300Ω100W / 300Ω
Spray100W / 300Ω 80W / 300Ω 80W / 300Ω

Bipolar Coagulation

 100W / 100Ω 80W / 100Ω 80W / 100Ω

Bipolar Cut

 100W / 200Ω 80W / 200Ω 80W / 200Ω



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