Fukuda Cardimax FX-8222 ECG Machine

৳ 150,000

Fukuda Cardimax FX-8222 ECG Machine


  • Makes a wide range of applications
  • Wide 6.4 inch Color TFT monitor
  • Touch screen activity
  • 3/6/12 Lead ECG display
  • 3/6/12 channels recording on 145 mm paper
  • Varieties of recording formats
  • Internal memory for ECG storage
  • Network connection to Ethernet LAN port
  • Wireless LAN compatible
  • Roll and Z-fold paper compatible
  • Update to Interpretation System (Optional)
  • Complete keyboard.


  • Dimensions: 307 (width) x 220 (deep) x 65 (height) mm
  • Weight: 3 kg (battery-free)
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Fukuda Cardimax FX-8222 ECG Machine

Product Description:

High-Quality Color Touch Screen The FX-8222 comes with a 6.5-inch color touch screen in Cyprus that allows high-quality waveforms to be viewed and makes operation easy.

Internal and external memory The system can store around 500 ECG data for 10-second lead 12 examinations. The data can be saved in a USB Stick or SD card (optional) thanks to the USB port.

The doctor will connect the ECG system to a personal computer for additional data storage using the communication port (LAN). With the attachment of a wireless LAN adapter to the USB port, wireless data transfer is also possible.

Rewind Function Allows for a maximum of one-minute secure analysis re-measuring any selected data from the first measurement.

Surface, Frontal and Horizontal View Displays a heart-wide diagram, description of the study, front and top cross-section of the head. It is very helpful to clarify the ischemic or infarct area or morphological abnormality to the patient, suggesting the cause or conduction dysfunction of the arrhythmia, and indicating the infarction of the posterior wall.

Analysis Guide Document and Review Feature (Optional) Include information related to prevention and subsequent assessment, intervention, and care, referring to the program for analysis. The program of analysis facilitates evaluation with documentation of multi-view and interpretation.

Bar Code / Card Reader The feature allows quick and error-free input for efficient analysis to avoid incorrect input of patient data.



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