Gutta-percha Obturation System Fi-P Fi-G Set

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Gutta-percha Obturation System Fi-P Fi-G Set


  • Softening of root canal filling content (Gutta-percha) during the filling process of the root canal.

Diffusion Feature:

  • Diffuse the root channel filling material (Gutta-percha) to the root channels of the lateral branch and the root channel.
  • Cutting the root canal filling material.
  • Make the filling material closer by heating and pressing.
  • Fi-P adopts wireless, horizontal type, temperature adjusting, and left or right-hand operation design, endowing it with outstanding function and characteristics.
  • Classification: Class ?(AC/DC power adapter)
  • Optional preset temperatures:150?→180?→200?→230?
  • Time consumption for charging: About 2.5h
  • Power Input:AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 500~800mA
  • Power Output: DC15V/1.6A
  • Battery capacity(Chargeable battery):2000mAh
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