Lipid Panel test strips for Cardiochek (15/box)

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Lipid Panel test strips for Cardiochek (15/box)


Using analyzers for CardioChek PA and CardioChek Plus, test plates for Lipid Panel. Lipid Panel test strips, developed by Polymer Technology Systems, provide easy and accurate measurement of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and enable calculation of the LDL and TC / HDL ratio. Measures of the test strips of the Lipid Panel are used to diagnose and treat the metabolism of lipoproteins. Test results will be displayed in about 2 minutes after the test strip is inserted into the analyzer and blood (40 μL, finger or vein) applied to the strip. The total cholesterol measurement range is 100-400 mg / dL (2,59-10,36 mmol / L), the HDL cholesterol level is 15-100 mg / dL (0,39-2,59 mmol / L) and the triglyceride range is 50-500 mg / dL (0,56-5,65 mmol / L. 15 Lipid Panel check strips per vial).

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