Shanghai Jing Lian SJR-9900A Computer Optometry Instrument Optical Equipment Optometry

৳ 300,000


Spherical diopter0 ~ 10D ( 0.125D) 10D to 20D ( 0.5D)
Flexion of cylindrical lens0 ~ 8D ( 0.25D)
Axial position 0~180 degrees (1 degrees)
Corneal apex distance0, 12mm
Pupil distance41 ~ 90mm
Minimum measurable pupilgreater than or equal to 2.3mm
Bracket lift range0 ~ 30mm
Nose lift range 0 ~ 25mm
Front and rear movement of the fuselage0 ~ 25mm
Humidity20 ~ 80%RH
Rated voltage 160V to 240V
Rated frequency50Hz
Power consumption125W
Length * width * height380 x 280 x 450 (mm)
power cord1
Operation Manual1
special thermal printing paper1
roll dust-proof cover1
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Shanghai Jing Lian SJR-9900A Computer Optometry Instrument Optical Equipment Optometry


Our latest sjr-9900 color screen computer optometry will help you to acquire the most direct and precise measurement results using revolutionary optical circuit design and unique prism technology. The entire design is more humanized, the operation procedure is more convenient, and the person who is being tested feels more at ease. As the current domestic customer perception of the quality of computer optometry has become the first choice of all businesses, quickly and comprehensively correcting the patient’s visual sensitivity and providing very close data has become the first choice of all businesses.

  • Automatic color scenery fog vision mark enhances measuring accuracy and makes the detecting process more comfortable.
  • Through the high-resolution CCD lens and 7-inch wide screen display, the computer can objectively and accurately determine the diopter of the patient using the automatic guestion-sensing measurement method, infrared projection, and fundus imaging reflection.
  • The instrument can take measurements automatically and in real time. The measurement process will be easier to conduct for youngsters and individuals who move their eyes often.
  • The measuring is simple and quick. Press the measurement button after aiming at the pupil of the eye, and the measurement result will be shown.
  • With one hand, you may perform all measuring operations, including lifting, moving left and right, and moving forward and backward.
  • The eye pupil can be captured fast with a smooth and light displacement.
  • The spherical mirror degree, cylindrical mirror degree, and axial position can all be automatically reset by the instrument.
  • The Taiwan brand TFT true color screen display (7-inch, LED backlight,800*480 resolution) can give the testing physician with a complete display of measurement data, measurement mode, and features.
  • The measurement accuracy, lens distance, astigmatism mode, measuring mode, printing mode, date, time, and other variables are all customizable by physicians.


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