Sphygmomanometer, ALPK2 DM 3000

Sphygmomanometer, ALPK2 DM 3000


CE-MDDClass II a
FunctionAutomatic blood pressure and pulse rate monitoring
Automatic cuff pumping and regulated air release
Electronic air pressure gauge
Automatic blood pressure monitoringCuff Oscillo-Metric method, upper arm
Arm size: Standard cuff 22-32 cm Large cuff 32-42 cm.
Systolic: 50-250 mmHg
Diastolic: 40-180 mmHg
Automatic pumping and regulated deflationInfraction: Max 280 mmHG, Min. 100 mmHg
Deflation: preset 2.5, 4.5, or 6.5 mmHg/Sec
Pressure gauge0-300 mmHG, at lmmHG resolution,
/- 3mmHG accuracy
Power sourceRechargeable Ni-MH battery 4.8V
with AC adapter 7V
Power consumption14W max (with automatic sleep function)
Operating ambient10 to 40 °C/ 85% RH or below
Storing ambient-5 to 50 °C / 85% RH or below
Physical dimensions136 W, 206 D, 276 H, 1000g
including cuff container, without battery
Cuff coverDurable cotton, easy to clean or disinfect
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Sphygmomanometer, ALPK2 DM 3000


  • Fully automatic deluxe upper arm blood pressure monitor Last measurement recall .
  • Deluxe upper arm automatic blood pressure monitor
  • Sphygmomanometer DM 3000 – It meets all the requirements that can be expected of a modern measuring instrument serving basic diagnostics- and accelerates measurement.



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