X-Ray Machine 100 mA Mobile TRF100

X-Ray Machine 100 mA Mobile TRF100


The mobile x-ray device is ideal for general radiography in the ward, operating room, accident field and mobile clinic etc.


X-ray generator, Beam Limiter, part of power, cross arm, shaft, base etc.


Adopting bridge rectification X-ray generator, convenient removable, precise orientation, easy operation and safe , reliable in use, which makes radiography more visible.

Main Technical Parameter:

Supply of Power:

AC 220V±22V voltage

50Hz±0.5Hz Frequency

8KVA Capacity;

Resistance < 1

Max rated capability

Tube current(mA)Tube voltage(kV)Time(s)


Voltage: 50-90kV

Current: 15?30?60?100mA;

Time: 0.08s-6.3s,select according to R10’ coefficient

Max output power: ( 80kV 100mA 0.1S ) 5.92KVA.

Standard power: ( 90kV 60mA 0.1S ) 4.00KVA.

Input power: 5.92KVA.


Distance between the focus of x-ray generator to the ground UP and DOWN: 810-1790mm

x-ray generator transverse retractility: 255mm

x-ray generator LEFT and RIGHT: ±50º

x-ray generator move around level axis: ±180º

x-ray generator move around vertical axis: ±90º


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X-Ray Machine 100 mA Mobile TRF100


Max output power of the 100ma handheld x-ray unit: (80kv 100ma 0.1s)5.92kva. Normal Power:4.00kva (90kv 60ma 0.1s). (mm) 1442x690x1986. 100ma Trf100 handheld x-ray unit. As one of China’s leading competent producers of x-ray machines, For several years, Triup has been interested in the creation of the x-ray machine. Via the finest theories and processes. Nowadays, because of its terrific. Our machines have been certified and awarded several times for their accuracy. Among the governmental bids. Sales, we say, are not the end. Point, specialization and after-sales operation are what we look after and are looking after. Take it with you. If you are looking for the opportunity to expand your business, develop. For eligible individuals, triup’s x-ray machine will be the chance. For you, answer!.



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