100mA, Mobile X-ray Machine with Anatomical Programs

100mA, Mobile X-ray Machine with Anatomical Programs 


Product NameX-RAY machine
Warranty1 Year
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100mA, Mobile X-ray Machine with Anatomical Programs 


India’s leading RMS manufacturer and supplier of X-ray machines. We at RMS are delighted to launch the full family of X-ray equipment for medical diagnosis. Mobile and fixed machines with all radiography, fluoroscopy, and spot filming capabilities are included in the collection. For applications in General Radiography and R F applications, various combinationsof tube stands and tables are available. For the price-sensitive Indian industry, RMS manufactures high-quality and cost-effective X-ray machines. The Devices for User-Friendliness have been equipped with many revolutionary features. Radiation Safety and reliability have been given special importance. The team behind this project has more than 30 years of radiological equipment experience experience experience, and by developing products with unique features and capabilities, we intend to bring about a revolution in this area. For different uses and markets, both LINE and HIGH-Frequency Machines will be included in our product range. Machines should comply with the indian / International Safety Regulatory Requirements


  • 100mA, 100 KVP, Producer of X-rays
  • 1st of its kind in India. Development Based on
  • Control Panel with Gentle Touch
  • TFT View Graphic Color
  • Program in anatomical type (120)
  • Defense against electronic overload, Error
  • X-ray Tube Stationary Anode: BEL or Imported
  • Counter Smartphone Balanced Stand
  • Suitable for X-rays Bed Side



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