Zoncare Q-7 Color Doppler 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

৳ 850,000

Zoncare Q-7 Color Doppler 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

Brand Name :Zoncare
Model Number :Zoncare-Q7 vet
Certification :CE/ISO
Place of Origin :China
MOQ :1 set
Price :negotiable
Supply Ability :100sets/month
Packaging Details :650*1055*1395mm
LED Monitor :19” LED
Touch Screen :10.4”
Gray Scales :256
Hard Disc :500GB
Tint :0-14
TGC :8 slides


  • Ergonomics: on-platform
  • Application: for gynecological and obstetric ultrasound imaging, for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging, for musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging
  • Options: 3D/4D
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Zoncare Q-7 Color Doppler 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine


Excellence within reach!

Easy to get diagnosis confidence by latest platform and improved workflow

ZONCARE Q7 is a newly established Zoncare system based on current client demand for fashion ergonomics, outstanding image quality, sophisticated workflow including radiology, cardiovascular, OB / Gyn, small organs, and others.
ZONCARE Q7 combines 8.4-inch tactile screen with 19-inch high-resolution LED monitor, gain/parameter adjustment multifunction knob keys to guarantee the finest operating experience. Together with Zoncare’s freshly established doppler platform, the full selection of the broadband probe (1-18Mhz) that deployed cutting-edge technology to process signals in the probe itself gives physicians increased trust for hard patients. ZONCARE Q7 is intended for comfort and joys, intense adaptive imaging technique to minimize speckle noise and enhance resolution, it can offer state-of-the-art Doppler technology to the advantage of wider public health through its outstanding image quality, extraordinary ergonomics design, sophisticated workflow.

System Features:

  • Outstanding image quality to improve your diagnosis confidence
  • Full choice of wideband transducers for full ranges of applications and situations
  • 4 full activated probe sockets
  • 19-inch high-resolution monitor to see more details
  • back-illuminated control panel and 8.4-inch touch screen operation to enhance efficiency
  • Real-time 4D imaging and complete rendering choice
  • One key optimization 2D and Doppler image to relieve from messed parameters
  • Auto Color flow angle calibration to guide more accuracy in velocity measurement consistently
  • Complete post-processing facility and offline analysis system
  • Full CW functions for the care of heart



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