Dia-Dent Duo-Gun Backfill Obturation Device

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Dia-Dent Duo-Gun Backfill Obturation Device

Duo-Gun is a cordless backfill shutter that provides accurate 3-dimensional shuttering. It promotes the method of hot vertical obturation.

Duo-Gun Backfill Obturation Device Features

  • Cordless and compact design allows complete freedom of movement
  • Smooth and precise delivery of gutta-percha
  • Variable temperature settings (140 ° C, 170 ° C, 200 ° C): accurate shuttering flow control
  • Quick and long-lasting heating system: temperature reaches 200 ° C within 15 seconds
  • The fast and constant flow of gutta-percha filling closely seals the channel
  • Designed for both left and right-hand filling.
  • Sophisticated and ergonomic design: operate with minimal effort hand trigger shuttering
  • The smart temperature control system maintains stable and constant operating temperature
  • Replaceable high-energy lithium-ion battery
  • Strong, durable and bendable Duo-Gun tips available in both 23 G and 25G.
ITEM #4007-2001 Duo-Gun Regular Kit
Contains Duo-Gun Handpiece & Charger,
GP Obturation Tips (23G, 4/box), Plunger Set, Multi-Tool,
Safety Caps (2/pack), Plunger O-Ring Assembly (2/pack),
Scrubbing Brush, Battery, Power Adapter, AC Power Cord
4007-2010 Duo-Gun Handpiece
4007-2031 Duo-Gun Charger
4007-2080 Duo-Gun Battery
4007-2120 GP Obturation Tips (23G, 4/box)
4007-2121 GP Obturation Tips (25G, 4/box)
4007-2130 Safety Caps (2/pack)
4007-2140 Plunger Set
4007-2150 Plunger O-Ring Assembly (2/pack)
4007-2160 Multi-Tool
4007-2161 Scrubbing Brush
4007-2280 Adapter
4007-2287 AC Power Cord
181-101 Gutta Percha Obturator
(Medium type, 100/bottle)
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