Teslong SA-39A Camera Wireless Otoscope IP67 Endoscope Camera 3.9mm Otoscopio Visual Ear Wax Remover

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Usable Android Apps- ‘BK WIFI’ (Play Store)

itemEar Endoscope Wifi Ear Cleaner with Camera
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameScopeAround
Model NumberSA39A
Product NameEar Otoscope
MaterialPC Silicone
FunctionEar,Mouth,Hair,Skin,Nose,Pets inspection
FeatureWireless wifi
Image resolution1080P
Battery350mAh Lithium Battery

Android, iPhone, Tablets

  • NEW VERSION: 3.9mm Ultra Thin Lens – The smallest otoscope in the market, 3.9 mm diameter.
  • Practical Use: To inspect your ears when feeling uncomfortable or in pain.
  • Safe to Use: Our disposable speculum design is clean and hygienic. Even after extended usage, this otoscope has overheating protection.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac & Linux – by the USB and micro USB port with a stable connection, no transformation. However, it does NOT support iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire
  • Taking Photos and Recording Videos: Unlike the traditional otoscope, this device allows users to take pictures, record videos, and send them to doctors.
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Teslong SA-39A Camera Wireless Otoscope IP67 Endoscope Camera 3.9mm Otoscopio Visual Ear Wax Remover

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: People are currently attempting to avoid going to the doctor’s office as much as possible. If a member of our family complains that her ear is troubling her, we can check it out with this tiny 1280 x720p ear camera. This digital otoscope makes the interior of the ear visible, and you can snap a photo or record a video of it. You can phone your doctor and email her these photographs to set up a video appointment with these images. both efficient and cost-effective.


  • This ear cleaning camera has a resolution of 1280x720p and can record live video and photos.
  • The otoscope camera is kept cool via heat sinks and temperature controls.

IP67 Waterproof Otoscope:

  • Before and after each usage, sanitize the camera head and attachments with rubbing alcohol.
  • To avoid cross-infection, make sure to replace, clean, and sterilize the specula!

Replaceable Ear Speculum: When checking the inside of your ears, please utilize the speculum, which can protect your ear from inadvertent injury.

0.15inch Ultra Slim: 0.15in diameter camera is thin enough to reach your ear and check your eardrum.

Constant and Comfortable Temperature: When you clean your ear at a steady temperature that is comparable to human temperature, you will not feel overly hot or cold. Ear plucking is a really relaxing process.

Soft silicone ear spoon:

  • Remove earwax without scratching with the soft silicone ear spoon.
  • Make ear wax removal easier, safer, and more comfortable.



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